Mqabba FC Youth Nursery takes part in the Nottingham International Cup in UK

First experience abroad

After the success achieved during the last season and the continued development of about 250 children and young people attending inside Mqabba FC Youth Nursery, the same nursery thought to make the next step and compete in an international competition abroad.

The participation of the under 17s was very noticeable during the 2014/15 season which for the first time in the history of the club participated in Section B and the team managed to keep his status in same section. We also had a team of under 13-year for the first time took part in the 'Inhobb il-Futbol' event where we also had good results. Other positive achievement over the last season was the introduction of young nursery players in the Senior team of Mqabba FC. This confirms that the Mqabba FC Youth Nursery is meeting its objectives.

The Nursery also saw an influx of new players within all categories as the youngest one category of under 5 to that of under 17. We have organized various festivals, tournaments and competitive games as well as a number of social activities both for children and for parents. The most event that will be remembered is when our nursery welcomed the International Colombian and former player of Inter, Ivan Ramiro Cordoba together with Felice Natalino who also played with Inter of Italy.

Nottingham International Cup 2015

For the first time in the history of Mqabba FC Youth Nursery, the committee thought that this season  a team in the category of under 13 (2002/2003) participates in an international competition abroad. We had several opportunities, but the ultimate aim was to offer our children experience that could help them in their development and not simply to say that we went abroad. The choice fell on Nottingham International Cup in 2015  which is considered as the largest football tournament in the UK and the second largest in Europe. The Tournament consists category for those professional teams as well as for amateurs. Teams like Liverpool FC, Manchester Utd FC, Manchester City FC, Newcastle Utd FC, Arsenal FC, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, Chesterfield FC and teams from around the world took part in various categories. The number of participants realistically cope over 300 players from over 19 different countries.

The team Mqabba FC Youth Nursery left Malta on Tuesday 28 July 2015 to Liverpool.

The whole week was focused on the beautiful game of football. On the first day we visited Albert Dock in Liverpool whilst also visited Anfield Stadium and the Museum of Liverpool FC. Our players also had a training session with coaches from Liverpool FC at the Academy Liverpool FC in Kirkby.

The first commitments for Mqabba FC Youth Nursery in the Nottingham International Cup were on 29 July 2015. In the morning we had a match against a team from America, US Revolution while in the afternoon we played against another team from America, US Flying Eagles. Our team came out as winner on US Flying Eagles by 1-0 while finished 1-1 against US Revolution. In the evening we supported Derby County in a friendly match between Derby County and Villa Real of Spain at the iPro Stadium.

The day after we played against the team of Arsenal FC Soccer School of Bahrain where our team came out losing by 1-0. That day we took the opportunity to visit Nottingham castle and Robin Hood whilst also found time for those who wanted to buy something from the center of Nottingham.

The tournament continued with another important match against the power of Castlebar Celtic FC from Ireland where the team came out losing against a very good performance by our  players. In the afternoon our team gained another point against Abbey Hulton England and earned the right to play for the Plate Final. In the final the match ended 0-0 but the team of Abbey came out winner after the lottery of penalties with the score of 3-1. Our team had a very good performance and created several occasions. More than the result, the most important factor was the great experience that our children have gained from this initiative.

In the afternoon we went for antoher friendly match between Nottingham Forest FC and Aston Villa at the Nottingham Forest City Stadium. This was a very positive experience supporting a football club with past moments of glory especially when declared champions of Europe in 1979 and 1980.

During the tour we  also found time to visit some parks located inside Nottingham amongst Highfield Park and Deer Park. This was antoher memorable experience which offered picturesque scenes of trees, greenery, animals and waters.

On Sunday 2 August 2015 we attended for The Community Shield Finald between two London clubs Chelsea FC and Arsenal FC at the Wembley Stadium.  It was a memorable experience for our children inside a great sporting atmosphere.

The following day, Monday 3 August 2015, exactly on the last day of our tour we visited the stadium of Old Trafford inside Manchester and visited the Museum of the same club. Also found the time to go and see the stadium of Manchester City FC, Etihad Stadium.

Although tired from a week full of activities, the satisfaction on the faces of our children and parents who came with us was clear and this is evidenced by the positive comments received from both the children themselves as well as from the parents. Great experience which although held for the first time in the history of our club was a total success and will surely remain stamped in the minds of all those who were with us. Experience which will help in the development of our children.

Special thanks go to MPM Capital Investments as well as People at Work which gave financial support as part of their social responsibility programmes. Our thanks also to Eurosport our technical partner who helped in the clothing and football kits used during the tournament.

Finally a big appreciation to the Head coach of Mqabba FC Youth Nursery, Nicholas Baldacchino was instrumental in the organization, coach Ellen Farrugia, as well as the President of Mqabba FC Youth Nursery, Gilbert Camilleri and Secretary Antoine Sciberras for the administrative support, while thank the children and parents for the great cooperation that we found. Surely this adventure will not be the first and the last and the committee already began thinking for next year's competition abroad.

For various photographs and video clips visit the official page of Mqabba FC Youth Nursery on Facebook:

Ivan Ramiro Cordoba & Felice Natalino @ Mqabba FC Youth Nursery

Mqabba FC Youth Nursery  had the opportunity to be part of the noble cause being promoted by the Maratona Bir-Roti 2015.

The Football festival ‘Football from the Heart’ held at our facilities between the 14th and 15th March 2015 has been a success. All the participating clubs have expressed their satisfaction in being part of it.

In addition during the same tournamenet we had a courtesy visit by Mr Ivan Ramiro Cordoba, former Colombian International and Italian Club ex-player Inter and Mr Felice Natalino, also an ex-Inter player, at our premises.

The visit by Mr Cordoba and Mr Natalino will surely be remembered as a historical event in our club and nursery’s history. It was also a memorable experience for the community of Mqabba and the surrounding communities.
This visit by these world class football players and the hosting of the ‘Football from the Heart’ festival are all in line with our nursery’s commitment to Football Social Responsibility. Mqabba FC Youth Nursery is committed to contributing towards the well-being of the community through the beautiful game of football.

Friendly Triangular Trournament in Catania, Sicily

Following the first experience in UK, Mqabba FC Youth Nursery participated in a friendly triangular football tournament in Catania, Sicily on Saturday 27th February 2016.

The event in the form of a triangular friendly tournament was held at PGS Don Bosco Alvaro Sales with the three participating teams: PGS Don Bosco Alvaro Sales, Clan dei Ragazzi Catania and our nursery.


Mqabba FC Youth Nursery lost the first match 3-1 against PGS Don Bosco Alvaro Sales and won the second match 3-2 against the team Clan dei Ragazzi Catania.  

After the tournament the group (15 players, 22 parents and 2 officials) had also time to visit Mount Etna and some shopping from Auchan Porte di Catania.